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If you’re injured and are struggling to stay afloat financially, personal injury loans can help you regain financial independence. Nova Legal Funding offers Nationwide funding to plaintiffs with any type of personal injury claim, including but not limited to:

As if the accident was not distressing enough, chances are your lawsuit is leaving you even more helpless if your injuries put you out of work. The income you depend on to support yourself and your family is no longer there. The bills keep piling up and your options for help are limited. Seeking help, you call your lawyer and he reassures you that he will win the lawsuit. While you’re glad to hear the good news, the attorney specified that winning your settlement will take a long time.

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? 

Who can you turn to when your funding options are limited and your case is months away from being finalized? The answer is to qualify for a personal injury loan with reputable personal injury funding company. Personal injury loans provide a portion of your settlement now instead of having to wait for your case to settle.

There are many reasons why this financial tool is helpful. Below are 5 main reasons why utilizing personal injury loans is the easy way to regain your financial stability if you’re hurt and need cash now.

Personal Injury Settlement Loans: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Applying

1. Personal injury settlement loans qualifications are simple

If you’re injured due to the gross negligence of another, you automatically qualify for injury pre settlement loans.  The only variables that count towards approval have to do with the facts of your case and nothing else. Hiring an attorney is also necessary before getting approved for funding.

2. Applying takes minutes and zero paperwork

You can have the worst credit in the world and still receive cash before your personal injury case is settled or won. There is no income verification, credit checks or any paperwork to fill out. All the work is done between your attorney and the funding company. For more information on how the process works, click here.

3. Applying for injury loans is totally risk-freepersonal injury loans funding

Personal injury settlement loans require zero payments until your case settles. If you’re using a professional lawsuit funding company, they will never ask for up-front fee or monthly payments. At Nova Legal Funding, we take it a step further and only ask that you pay us back the cash if you win your case. To put it simply, if you don’t win your lawsuit, you will owe us nothing in return.

4. Pay your bills and regain financial independence

Getting hurt in an accident can interfere with your work and your overall ability to have stable financial independence. An injury loan will help you get back on your feet and pay your bills. Whether its car payments, school supplies or rent, a personal injury loan will help you pay them off. In fact, you are free to spend the money as you wish – there are zero strings attached.

5. Injury loans will help maximize your case value

Personal injury loans will empower you by allowing you to reject low-ball offers from insurance companies. At the begging of a lawsuit, insurance companies throw low-ball settlement offers in hopes that desperate plaintiffs will accept it. This is how insurance companies take advantage of financially struggling plaintiffs. Don’t fall for their manipulative tricks. Injury loans will help you survive through the entirety of the lawsuit without having to sacrifice the value of your case.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding — 2 Steps to Take before Applying

If you’re set on getting personal injury lawsuit fundingthere are a few things you should know before contacting Nova Legal Funding to get the process started.

1.) Discuss the option of obtaining funding on your case with your attorney

You need to make sure that your lawyer is willing to cooperate with injury lawsuit funding companies like Nova Legal Funding. Some personal injury law firms don’t cooperate with funding companies due to various reasons. Knowing whether or not your lawyer would be open to working with Nova Legal Funding could save you time. If it’s indeed the case, Nova won’t be able to approve you for funding—no matter how great your case might be.

2.) Estimate the amount of funding you’re going to need

For the sake of being frugal, you should limit the amount of funding you apply for. While the funding amount you qualify might be very high due to the value of your case, you should only take as much as you need. This will help you avoid paying excessive interest on money you didn’t need in the first place. Nova encourages plaintiffs to get the least amount of personal injury lawsuit funding you can get.

Personal Injury Cash Advance — Get Started Today

Once you’ve followed the above steps and are ready to get started, fill out Nova’s fast and easy funding application. Getting a personal injury cash advance on your case has never been easier. Nova’s process is paperless and requires no upfront payment, no credit checks or employment verifications. Because your injury case is all that matters, your personal finances are not a factor in our decision making.

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