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Auto accidents often result in serious injuries that can devastate your financial situation. Fortunately, injured plaintiffs can now turn to car accident loans from Nova Legal Funding for immediate cash relief. 

Loans for car accident victims help clients get back on their feet before their cases finalize. Accident loans are an innovative financial tool that gets you the cash you need today—helping you pay rent, living expenses, and bills while you wait for your case to settle. 

Traffic accidents come in many forms, but they all share the common realities of financial, physical, and mental despair for the victims and their families. Whether or not a victim is inside a vehicle during impact—the injuries are most often life-changing. If waiting years for your lawsuit to settle is not an option for you, obtaining a car accident loan is your best option. When traditional bank loans don’t pan out, loans for car accidents remain the only lifeline for victims of road negligence. 

The best part about accident loans? You repay NOTHING if you end up losing the case. At Nova Legal Funding, auto accident lawsuit loans are 100% risk-free. 

Auto accident loans: how to qualify for funding?

Qualifying for auto accident loans depends on your injury and case type. Generally, each lawsuit funding company has unique underwriting qualifications. Any automobile accident that results in injury qualifies for cash with Nova Legal Funding.

NLF most commonly funds the following types of traffic-related accidents:

NLF will provide you with an accident loan if you’ve incurred the following injuries:

Auto accidents are frequent as they are catastrophic. According to the Association of Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), 37,000 people die and another 2.35 million are left disabled each year in the United States alone. Whether you get seriously hurt or lose a loved one, the consequences of a traffic accident could change your life forever.

If you’re still unsure if your specific injury qualifies for funding, a Nova Legal Funding rep can help you find out. Our representative are standing by 24/7 at (800) 760-0704. 

Car accident cash advance: Can it really help you win a bigger settlement? 

In order to win maximum compensation for damages, you must give your attorney the time he/she needs to litigate your case. Generally that could mean waiting year, as auto accident claims could last 2 to 3 years. Without a car accident cash advance, the average American cannot wait that long due to financial strains. 

Insurance companies take advantage of cash-strapped accident victims by offering them an extremely low and unfair compensation in exchange for a quick and early settlement. Fortunately, a car accident settlement advance from Nova Legal Funding can help you avoid that scenario by eliminating your need to settle early. 

Many plaintiffs give up due to financial pressures and settle early for a low payout. The consequences of making this mistake can mean the difference between walking away with $500,000 or $15,000! The only way to ensure your medical bills will be paid for the rest of your life is to see your lawsuit through and never give up to insurance companies. With a cash advance on your auto accident lawsuit settlement, you have all the power to do just that. 

In simpler terms, a car accident settlement advance takes the leverage away from the insurance company and to you, the plaintiff! 

How to get lawsuit settlement funding for your auto accident case

Once you decide that car accident lawsuit funding is right for you, the next step is choosing the best lawsuit funding company for the job. At Nova Legal Funding, we offer a variety of benefits for injured plaintiff, including but not limited to: 

  • The absolute lowest rates in the industry—guaranteed
  • Transparency and helpfulness throughout the entire process
  • Zero monthly payments, no upfront costs, and 100% risk free funding
  • Friendly staff, standing by 24/7 to answer any question
  • Lawsuit funding unrivaled in speed—24 hour cash transfers
  • Nationwide services from our headquarters in Los Angeles, California

Our staff is ready and dedicated to serve your car accident funding needs. We know you’re going through a rough time, so we’ve designed our approval process to make your life as easy possible. You’ve gone through enough red tape already; you shouldn’t have to endure time-consuming paperwork to get the cash advance you need. When you apply for car accident loans with NLF, you can expect low rates, fast cash and the best customer service around. 

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