There are no rules or laws that prohibit lawsuit plaintiffs from getting more than one pre-settlement loan. If you have received pre-settlement funding already, but require access to more cash, you have every right to apply for more funding.

A responsible pre-settlement loan company will evaluate the facts of your case and determine whether they can offer you an additional round of funding.

At Nova Legal Funding we have found that it’s not uncommon for plaintiffs to require more than one cash advance to meet their financial obligations while they wait for their settlement. And when we are able to responsibly offer to fund to these folks, we do so.

Things to consider before getting additional pre-settlement loans

First and foremost, you should talk to your attorney about your financial situation. Your lawyer has an ethical obligation to represent your best interests, and they ought to be your go-to person for anything related to your pending lawsuit.

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Next, you should consider whether alternative means of funding or financial relief might be better given your needs. Speak to your attorney in addition to trusted family, friends, or advisors and get their input on how to best address your immediate financial needs.

Finally, apply for an additional pre-settlement loan from a reputable company to see whether you qualify. A responsible lender will evaluate your case and tell you whether it supports additional funding. Applying for a pre-settlement loan does not require a credit check, and so there is nothing to lose and no risk from applying.

Need to get additional pre-settlement funding? Let’s talk.

We have in many cases provided plaintiffs with more than one round of funding against their pending lawsuit settlement. If you’ve already received a pre-settlement loan but need additional funding, contact us anytime.

Our friendly team of professionals will evaluable your case and work hard to get you the cash that you need, quickly and responsibly.