Settlement loans are available for plaintiffs involved in dog bite lawsuits. If your injuries prevent you from working, Nova Legal Funding (NLF) is a direct funder that can help you regain financial stability. Also known as lawsuit funding, settlement loans allow victims of personal injury to get cash while they wait for their case to settle.

Nova Legal Funding (NLF) provides nationwide assault and battery lawsuit funding. If you’re a victim of a violent attack and have been injured, you qualify for a settlement loan from NLF. We are an experienced and national lawsuit funding company that puts the plaintiff first.

Assault and battery incidents are often violent in nature and can easily lead to catastrophic injuries to the victim. Unlike other types of personal injury cases, assault and battery are considered and tried as criminal offenses. Whether a person attacks with a weapon or his hands, the intent is clear: to cause intentional damage to another person. You hold the right to seek justice and sue your attacker/s for damages under the law. If you’re financially struggling while you wait for justice to be served, lawsuit funding can help you until your case settles.

Settlement Loans for Assault Lawsuits

Nova Legal Funding approves more types of assault cases than a typical lawsuit funding company. Each case is reviewed individually and approval hinges upon the facts of your individual case. Getting injured in an assault is a serious and horrific event. While we can’t undo your injuries, we can at least help you overcome the financial hurdles with assault and battery settlement loans. NLF gives funding for assault cases of all kinds.

The following list consists of the most common types of assault cases that we fund:

  • Assault
  • Battery causing serious bodily injury
  • Aggravated battery
  • Domestic battery
  • Domestic assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon (ADW)
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual Assault

Does Your Assault Case Qualify for Pre Settlement Funding?

If you were wrongly assaulted, the law permits you to file a lawsuit in order to recover financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Upon hiring an attorney to fight on your behalf, the likelihood that your case will be approved for pre-settlement funding will depend on the strength of your case. While the strength of your case will determine whether you will get financial assistance, your pain and suffering will determine the funding amount you will qualify for. The more severe your pain and suffering, the larger the funding amount NLF can provide you.

You can get assaulted in all different types of situations, and by different types of people. Common instances of excessive assault come from security guards, police, and enraged drivers. When trying to configure the strength and value of your assault and battery case, you must consider a few things. For example, if you did not instigate or strike the other person prior to them attacking you, the stronger your case. Otherwise, you will likely not receive settlement funding if the other party was acting in self-defense. In order to get the best estimate of your case’s strength, speak with your attorney.

Receive a Lawsuit Cash Advance While You Wait for Monetary Recovery

If you’ve hired an attorney and are in the middle of litigation, chances are that you’re aware of the complexity and therefore long duration of assault cases. This can prove to be devastating if your injuries curtail your ability to earn wages. In addition to a decrease in your income, you will also experience a rise in costs due to medical bills, attorney fees, and recurring daily expenses.

Nova Legal Funding can help by providing you with a 100% risk-free lawsuit cash advance. The process of assault and battery lawsuit funding is simple. Instead of waiting for your case to settle, we provide you with a cash advance on your future settlement payout. Our funds are meant to help you meet immediate financial deadlines while you wait for your attorney to finalize the case.

Benefits of Applying for a Settlement Advance with NLF

Lawsuits are stressful – especially those that stem from catastrophic events like violent attacks. The last thing you need is other things to worry about are more applications and red tape to get the money you deserve. This is why we make applying for lawsuit funding as easy and hassle-free as possible. Applying takes no more than 2 minutes of conversation over the phone. Simply provide us with your name, and the name and contact information of your attorney – that’s it! You can expect the following benefits when applying for dealing with Nova Legal Funding:

  • Didn’t win your assault & battery lawsuit? You owe us nothing – keep the cash advance for free!
  • 100% Risk-free lawsuit funding: Free consultation, free application, zero hidden fees.
  • Pay nothing until, and if, your case is settled.
  • Superior customer service: representative are available to serve you nationwide.
  • Up to $50,000 in funds available to you.
  • Lowest rates in the industry.
  • Cash within 24 hours.
  • Hassle-free process: No run-around, no paperwork, no hassle.

You don’t have to wait for your case to settle. Get cash now by applying for lawsuit funding by Nova Legal Funding. Call (866) 691-0556 and get a cash advance on your lawsuit within 24 hours of calling our offices.