Are you a victim of a burn injury and are short on cash as a result? Settlement loans from Nova Legal Funding can support you financially until your personal injury claim is resolved.  If your injuries were caused by another person’s gross negligence, you immediately qualify for a settlement loan from NLF.

Burn injuries have varying degrees of seriousness and can happen in many different ways. According to the American Burn Association, more than 150,000 burn injuries are serious enough to send victims to the emergency room. According to hospital records, common causes of burn injuries occur at the home or at the person’s place of work. The following are the varying degrees of burns inflicted on a person:

  • First-degree burns: The lightest of all, first-degree burns only damage the outer part of your skin and result in minimal tissue damage. While the pain may be sharp, long-lasting injury is not very likely.
  • Second-degree burns: This type of burn injury damages both the inner and outer layer of the skin. In addition to redness and swelling seen in lighter burns, second burns often result in violent blisters.
  • Third-degree burns: The worst of all instances, third-degree burns char the skin and leave the person physically scarred for life. Surgery is typically required and damages sustained have the ability to last a very long time.

Settlement Loans Help Burn Injury Victims

Burn injury cases are complex and take a very long time until the lawsuit is finalized. The mixture of high medical bills and a lengthy litigation period often leads to financial distress and uncertainty for the plaintiff. When you’ve exhausted all your resources and have nowhere else to turn, CAS is here to help. Unlike a regular bank that requires credit or a car for collateral, we will provide you with cash solely on the facts surrounding your burn injury claim. Settlement loans will provide you with cash to cover your medical bills, daily expenses, attorneys fees, and anything you wish.

A settlement loan should be thought of as a cash advance against your future lawsuit settlement winnings. It helps cash-strapped plaintiffs regain phonically control by providing a portion of their future winnings today instead of later. Our service is especially helpful in these types of cases because moderate to serious burn injuries can disable a person from working. Not being able to earn a wage while your bills are piling up is a sure way to finical insecurity.

Burn Injury Cases We Fund

There are many ways in which a person can sustain a burn injury. In order to qualify for settlement loans, all that’s required is for that injury to be caused by the negligence of another person. If you’ve hired an attorney and hold a personal injury claim, you immediately qualify for a cash advance within 24 hours.

The following list contains the most common types of cases that cause burn injuries that are eligible for settlement loans:

Why Apply with NLF for Settlement Loans

NLF’s application process is completely hassle-free. Our application only asks for your attorney’s name and contact information. Since our decision to give you money only has to do with your burn injury lawsuit, we don’t need to see your personal financial information at all. This means no credit checks and no employment verification.

Best of all, you pay us nothing until your case is won or until your personal injury claim has settled out of court. NLF doesn’t ask for monthly payments or early paybacks – you’re only required to pay once your settlement winnings have arrived.

A settlement loan is also completely risk-free because unlike regular loans you are not required to pay the money back if you lose your case. If your attorney fails to recover a monetary award for your burn injury lawsuit, you don’t owe Nova Legal Funding anything. You only pay the money back if you win your case. This makes settlement loans from NLF is a completely risk-free transaction.

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