Finding the Best Lawsuit Loan Company for You

At Nova Legal Funding we truly believe that we are your best option for getting a lawsuit loan. But then again, we're biased! In this guide we give our honest advice on how to find the right lawsuit loan provider for you.

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How to Find the Best Lawsuit Loan Company

If you filed a lawsuit and need financial assistance while your case is pending, you’ve probably noticed that there are no shortage of pre-settlement loan companies who want your business. It’s important that you be able to separate the reputable companies from the fly-by-nights, and to understand what to look for in the best settlement loan companies. This guide will help you understand:

  • How to choose a pre-settlement loan company,
  • What criteria to use when you evaluate a lawsuit lending company, and
  • The top ten lawsuit funding companies that work with plaintiffs like you.

On the go? Download the printable PDF version of our guide to finding the best pre-settlement funding company for you:

best pre settlement loan companies

NOTE: This guide is not a substitute for seeking advice from your lawyer about whether a lawsuit loan is right for you. Before accepting a pre-settlement loan, talk to your attorney about all of your options. You should never sign any paperwork from a pre-settlement funding company without reviewing it with help from your attorney and making sure that all of your questions about the pre-settlement loan process are answered. This guide was prepared by Nova Legal and is an advertisement for Nova Legal. It also contains information about Nova Legal’s competitors in the pre-settlement loan industry.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Searching for the Best Lawsuit Loan Company?

The pre-settlement funding company you choose will have an impact on the total amount of money you receive at the conclusion of your lawsuit. Because of this, it’s very important to do your research into potential lenders and think carefully about whether a company is the right fit for you and your case. Here are the most important criteria to consider when searching for a pre-settlement loan company.

  1. How the pre-settlement loan company sets interest on advances.

The best pre-settlement loan companies evaluate clients on a case-by-case basis and set their interest rates on the strength of each case. A reputable lawsuit funding company will want to talk to both you and your lawyer to gather information about your legal claims and the likelihood that your case will result in a favorable settlement or verdict. If possible, do not work with a lawsuit funding company that charges the same interest rates to all of its customers. Only work with a pre-settlement funding company that varies its rates based on a principled approach to case evaluation.

  1. The interest rate percentage charged on the pre-settlement advance.

You should have a clear understanding of the interest rate on a pre-settlement loan before you sign any paperwork. Once a pre-settlement loan company is done evaluating and underwriting your case, you need to ask what your monthly (or fixed) interest rate will be. If a company sets a rate above 3.5%, you are probably being charged too much on your pre-settlement advance. Look for a company with low interest rates that are simple to understand.

  1. Whether the terms and conditions of the lawsuit loan is easy to understand.

The process of filing a lawsuit can be very overwhelming, and most reputable pre-settlement advance companies understand this. You should look for a company that offers clear and concise terms and conditions for its loans and is willing to answer any questions you may have about the pre-settlement funding process. As with any consumer financial product, you will need to sign paperwork before receiving any funds. Make sure that you can understand the documents before you sign them, and never  work with a pre-settlement loan company that won’t answer your questions about their terms and conditions.

  1. How the pre-settlement loan company works with your lawyer.

Before you can obtain a pre-settlement loan, you must be represented by a lawyer who has filed a lawsuit on your behalf in state or federal court. Any reputable pre-settlement loan company will ask to speak with your lawyer about your case. Your lawyer will need to cooperate with the pre-settlement funding company in order to complete the case evaluation and underwriting process. You should select a pre-settlement loan company that cooperates with your lawyer and with which your lawyer is comfortable working.

  1. How quickly the pre-settlement advance will be available to you.

The process of filing a lawsuit is stressful and many plaintiffs need financial relief while their case is pending. A trustworthy pre-settlement loan company will transfer the funds to you in as little as 24 hours once your case is approved and you sign the necessary paperwork.  Before you select a pre-settlement loan company, make sure that you understand how long it will take to get the money so that you can plan accordingly.

10 of the Best Lawsuit Funding Companies

Top Lawsuit Funding Companies

Who Are the Best Lawsuit Loan Companies in 2021?

These are the top 10 pre-settlement advance companies to evaluate when searching for a lawsuit loan. This guide was prepared by Nova Legal, and you should consider all of your options when preparing to secure a pre-settlement advance on your lawsuit.

  1. Nova Legal Funding
  2. Peachtree Financial Solutions
  3. Oasis Financial
  4. Momentum Funding
  5. UpLift Legal Funding
  6. Law Cash
  7. Prime Case Funding
  8. High Rise Financial
  9. The Legal Funding Group
  10. Mayfield Settlement Funding
  1. Nova Legal Funding

Nova Legal is a pre-settlement loan company based in Los Angeles, California. Although Nova Legal funds all types of cases, the pre-settlement loan experts at Nova Legal specialize in personal injury cases. Nova Legal Funding provides lawsuit loans to plaintiffs all states except Colorado, Maryland, and Tennessee. Nova Legal uses a conservative underwriting process and sets low interest rates on a case-by-case basis. All Nova Legal advances are offered on a “non-recourse” basis, which means that you do not owe anything if you do not settle or win your case. For approved applicants, Nova Legal can advance cash in as little as 24 hours. Unlike some competitors, Nova Legal specializes exclusively in pre-settlement loans and does not offer other financial products.

Los Angeles, California | Website | Phone: (800) 760-0704

  1. Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree Financial Solutions is a Pennsylvania-based company that offers pre-settlement funding. Founded in 1996 and subsequently acquired by J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree Financial Solutions offers no-recourse legal funding to plaintiffs. Peachtree Financial Solutions bases its interest rates on pre-settlement advances on the strength of each case. It offers successful applicants funds within as little as 48 hours of approval. Peachtree Financial offers other services in addition to pre-settlement loans, such as structured settlements, lottery payments, and annuity payments.

Radnor, Pennsylvania | Website | Phone: (800) 821-7773

  1. Oasis Financial

Oasis Financial is a pre-settlement loan company founded in 1996. Oasis Financial is based in Rosemont, Illinois. Oasis Financial finances a variety of legal cases but specializes in personal injury cases such as auto accident lawsuits, premises liability lawsuits, and other injuries. Oasis Financial does not offer information about its pre-settlement funding interest rates on its website, and instead provides this information to applicants only after approval. In addition to its pre-settlement funding business, affiliates of Oasis Financial offer medical lien solutions and a pharmacy card program.

Rosemont, Illinois | Website | (877) 333-6675

  1. Momentum Funding

Based in Florida, Momentum Funding is a pre-settlement loan company that works with plaintiffs in a wide variety of lawsuits. In addition to pre-settlement loans, Momentum Funding offers a transportation concierge service and advances on medical procedures. Momentum Funding does not provide information about its pre-settlement loan interest rates on its website. Momentum Funding offers cash to approved applicants within 24 hours of approval.

Boca Raton, Florida | Website | (855) 855-3863

  1. UpLift Legal Funding

UpLift Legal Funding is based in Santa Monica California. The company states on their website: “We don’t make you choose between low rates and fast funding. At Uplift Legal Funding, we give you both.” The company was founded in 2017. They have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Google out of 62 reviews. They have a 5.0 star rating on Yelp, but just 3 reviews.

Santa Monica, CA | Website | (800) 385-3660

  1. Law Cash

Law Cash is a pre-settlement loan company based in New York. In addition to pre-settlement loans, Law Cash offers surgery funding and post-settlement funding. Plaintiffs can apply with Law Cash online to begin the litigation financing process. The speed at which Law Cash can transfer funds depends on whether approved applicants complete all necessary paperwork. Law Cash does not provide information about its interest rates on its website but offers advances on a non-recourse basis, which means that plaintiffs who do not win or settle their case do not need to repay Law Cash for the advance.

Brooklyn, New York | Website | Phone: (800) 529-2274

  1. Prime Case Funding

Prime Case Funding is a New York-based pre-settlement advance company. Prime Case Funding sets its interest rates on a case-by-case basis, but these rates are compounded monthly. Prime Case Funding works with plaintiffs in a variety of civil lawsuits, including personal injury, medical malpractice, and false imprisonment cases. In most approved cases, Prime Case Funding provides a cash advance within 24 hours of approval. In addition to pre-settlement loan services, Prime Case Funding offers surgery funding.

New York, New York | Website | (888) 767-4288

  1. High Rise Financial

High Rise Financial is a California-based pre-settlement loan company that works with plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. High Rise Financial also facilitates surgery funding, also known as “on-lien” or lien-based medical care. High Rise Financial offers funds to approved plaintiffs within 24 hours of approval. Although the company does not disclose its interest rate percentage on its website, High Rise Financial states that it does not apply compound interest to its pre-settlement loans.

Los Angeles, California | Website | Phone: (877) 912-1189

  1. The Legal Funding Group

The Legal Funding Group is based in Savannah, Georgia. The Legal Funding Group offers pre-settlement loans to plaintiffs in a wide variety of cases. The Legal Funding Group does not vary rates on a case-by-case basis. Instead, the Legal Funding Group charges 36% interest on pre-settlement advances every six months. The Legal Funding Group allows plaintiffs to apply for pre-settlement funding online and can transfer cash to approved applicants within 24 hours of approval.

Savannah, Georgia | Website | Phone: (912) 777-3397

  1. Mayfield Settlement Funding

Mayfield Settlement Funding is an Arizona-based pre-settlement loan company. Although Mayfield Settlement Funding works with plaintiffs in a variety of cases, it does not offer litigation financing in at least 12 states and does not provide worker’s compensation settlement funding in at least seven states. Mayfield Settlement Funding does not provide substantial information about their interest rates on its website, but states that approved plaintiffs pay a moderate interest rate on their advance if their case settles or reaches a successful verdict in court. Mayfield Settlement Funding offers approved applicants a cash advance in as little as 24 hours of approval.

Phoenix, Arizona | Website | Phone: (888) 800-8400

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