We’re a professional pre-settlement funding company that’s got your back.

Nova Legal Funding (NLF) is a pre settlement funding company based in Los Angeles, California. We provide personal injury plaintiffs with a cash-advance on their future settlement award.

The financing we provide is non-recourse, which means we are only entitled to repayment if the case is won by the plaintiff. If you lose your lawsuit, you owe us nothing. Financing we provide is considered an investment rather than a loan.

We specialize in funding personal injury cases

We fund all types of cases, but we specialize in personal injury loans.

The following are the most common types of cases we fund:

How we provide better, faster, and more affordable pre-settlement funding

There’s no hiding it: the risky nature of pre settlement funding makes it an expensive tool relative to other types of financing. Unfortunately, many companies take advantage of this reality in order to justify charging excessively-high rates to injured plaintiffs.

Many of our competitors charge the same high rate for all types cases—no matter how weak or strong a case might be. At Nova Legal Funding, your assigned interest rate is directly correlated with the risk profile of each individual case. The stronger your case, the lower your rate! Because why should you pay the same rate as someone if your case is stronger?

We only fund personal injury claims with serious injuries and clear liability. Our strict policy of only funding quality cases gives affords us the flexibility to charge low rates. Essentially, our secret to having low rates comes down to one reason: conservative underwriting.

Client Testimonials

“I needed money for dental surgery after I slipped and fell at a convenient store. Even though my lawsuit was 2 months from ending, I needed to fix my teeth for a job interview the next week. After I called, $15,000 was wired to my account by the end of the day. Even my attorney was surprised at how fast we got it. I also got the job – I could not have done it without your help! Thank you!”

– Tamicka J. (Los Angeles, California)

“Thank you so much for your help. Our Christmas would not have been the same without your help.”

– Serrano H. (La Habra, California)

“I’m happy that my attorney referred me to your company. It’s amazing to me that I got cash without filling out any paperwork. Didn’t know getting money for a  lawsuit would be that easy.”

– Tamar, S. (Long Beach, California)

“Ellis was the person that signed me up when I called. She was extremely helpful in taking me through everything. I hope I never get into a car accident again, but if I do I’ll know who to call if my bills are late! Thank you again!”

– Laura, S. (Trenton, New Jersey)

“When my clients ask for a settlement advance, I have great comfort in knowing that Cash Advance Solutions will help them. As a personal injury attorney, I want to make sure my clients get treated fairly in their time of need. I have been working with Ron and his team for the past year, and my experience so far has been nothing but positive. Prior to my relationship with [CAS] I avoided settlement advance companies whenever I could. The poor service, high rates and lack of professionalism did not match my firm’s values. Needless to say, CAS has turned it around with their display of honesty, consistency and expediency. I would strongly recommend Cash Advance Solutions to all personal injury attorneys for their client’s funding needs.”

– Jared M. Steinberger, Attorney at Law (Los Angeles, California)

“We worked with Cash Advance Solutions for the first time in January of 2014. My client was an elderly man who suffered serious burn injuries in his nursing home. When he notified me that he needed $5,500 towards a personal family emergency, I decided not to refer him to the large corporation I usually work with. The rates were too high and the money took days to get into my clients’ accounts. Long story short, I gave CAS a chance and I am very glad that I did. They called my client and set him up with a $5,000 settlement advance in less than 6 hours. I will definitely refer more clients in the future; thank you for making my life a little easier.”

– Paul Rodriguez, Attorney at Law (New York, New York)