Do you have a pending personal injury lawsuit in the state of Utah?

The long and complex nature of personal injury cases often leads to immense financial difficulties. They may leave injured parties unable to pay expenses such as rent and medical bills and struggling to make ends meet until their eventual payout.

The financial issues caused by these cases are made even worse by the fact that insurance companies are notorious for using stalling tactics to purposefully delay proceedings. This is done to take advantage of the plaintiff’s financial hardship, hoping that it will force them to settle earlier, and accept less than they deserve.

Many personal injury plaintiffs in Utah will therefore seek a pre-settlement loan to help them financially during their case. However, here at Nova Legal Funding, we provide immediate financial support, offering a superior alternative to a typical lawsuit loan.

Our wholly non-recourse cash advances are only repaid by clients who win their case. No requests will be made of plaintiffs who lose their settlement, which means applying for pre-settlement funding in Utah is completely free from risk.

You are welcome to start a free and speedy application with Nova Legal Funding at any time during your personal injury case. After that, we pledge to provide financial support within 24 hours.

Laws and Regulations of Pre-Settlement Funding in Utah

Important Utah Legal Information

Avg. Funding per case from Nova Legal Funding$10,917
Fault LawsModified Comparative Fault – 50% Bar Plaintiff can only recover where the fault of the defendant, or group of defendants, exceeds the fault of the plaintiff. U.C.A. § 78B-5-818(2).
Statute of Limitations4 years Title 78, Ch. 12, Sec. 78-12-25
Minimum policy limits for bodily injury & property damage$25,000 bodily injury liability per person $65,000 bodily injury liability per accident $15,000 property damage liability per accident $3,000 personal injury protection
Minimum UIM auto insurance limitsLiability: 25/65/15 PIP: $3,000
Workers compensation eligibilityNot Eligible

Personal injury plaintiffs in Utah must declare if they have received any previous funding during the case. A lien will be filed and Nova Legal Funding must arrange for it to be paid off.

Utah’s H.B. 407 bill also requires anyone suing the state or a political subdivision to disclose the source of all funding.

Though lawsuit funding in Utah is mostly unregulated, Nova Legal Funding follows best-practice disclosure guidelines when it comes to all legal funding contracts. Rates, fees, and repayment terms will be outlined clearly and prominently in all documentation.

Utah Personal Injury Law: How Does it Affect Legal Funding?

Utah allows personal injury victims four years to take their case to court and file a claim. This statute of limitations must be adhered to, and courts will only hear a case if a claim is filed against those responsible within that time period. One exception applies to those hoping to make a claim against a government employee or agency in Utah. In these cases, parties have just one year to file a claim. However, they have an additional year to appeal if their initial claim is denied.

Those injured in a car accident cannot hold another driver liable unless the case meets the ‘serious injury’ threshold. As this is a vague term, plaintiffs will have to negotiate that their injuries are eligible.

Dog owners may be held responsible if their pet causes an injury to another person. Regardless of the animal’s previous behavior, owners will be held ‘strictly liable’.

The modified comparative fault doctrine determines how much compensation the plaintiff will receive from each party involved, as well as how much it could be reduced. Each party will have to pay as much of the compensation as they are deemed responsible for the injury. For instance, a person found 75% responsible will pay 75% of the total damages. However, if the plaintiff holds the rest of the responsibility, the remaining 25% will be deducted from their final settlement. If they are found to be over 50% at fault, they will be unable to recover any damages.

Generally, there are no caps on the damages that can be obtained through a personal injury case. However, as of May 2010, non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering) in medical malpractice cases were capped at $450,000.

Notable Personal Injury Lawyers in Utah

We can recommend the following personal injury lawyers in Utah who would be delighted to take on your case:

Garett S. Handy
2150 S 1300 East Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Anthony C. McMullin
301 N. 200 E. Ste 3C, St. George, UT 84770

John Cummings
3856 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403

Kevin J. Sutterfield
3000 N University Ave #300, Provo, UT 84604

Patricia C. Kuendig
750 Kearns Boulevard Suite 150, Park City, UT 84060

Kenneth L. Christensen
11693 S 700 E #100, Draper, UT 84020

Car Accident and Fatality Statistics in Utah

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 273 people were killed in 247 traffic accidents in 2017. Of these crashes, 57% took place in urban settings as opposed to rural locations.

Utah Zero Fatalities reported that 185 of the fatalities were motorists, 43 were pedestrians, and 69% of all deaths were men. The statistics also showed that 87 victims were unrestrained, 6 lives were lost as a result of drowsy driving, and 29 of the deaths from January through September resulted from alcohol impairment. Only 185 days went by in 2017 where no deaths occurred.

Nova Legal Funding provides financial support to drivers in Utah who have been involved in incidents such as:

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Utah Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Do I qualify for a lawsuit loan in Utah?

If you are a resident of Utah that has sustained an injury due to the actions of another person or entity, you automatically qualify for a quick and easy pre-settlement funding application with Nova Legal Funding.

How do I spend the pre-settlement funding?

Our lawsuit loans are actually non-recourse cash advances against our customers’ eventual lawsuit settlements. As a wholly non-recourse advance, Nova Legal Funding only requires repayment from those that win their case or obtain a settlement.

Does it matter how the lawsuit funding is spent?

Though there are no limits over how plaintiffs use their funding, much of it goes towards paying off debts, covering the mortgage, paying for car upkeep, and taking care of general living expenses.

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