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Victims of bicycle accidents qualify for pre settlement funding. Bike accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries. If you’re injured and are struggling to get through your lawsuit due to financial reasons, Nova Legal Funding (NLF) can help. We provide pre settlement funding for personal injury claims such as bicycle accident lawsuits.

‘Sharing the road’ is not a popular term amongst drivers in the United States. Some motorists believe that cyclists are obtrusive and don’t deserve to be on the road. Many are still reluctant to give bikers equal consideration when it comes to sharing the road. In addition to a hostile environment, cyclists also deal with poor road conditions. All of these factors aggregate to make bicycle riding very dangerous, which also increase the likelihood of traffic collisions. Bicycle accidents are as dangerous and catastrophic as they are frequent.

If you were injured while riding a bicycle, you hold the right to hire an attorney and seek monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. In some cases, the lawsuit will take years to finalize – no matter how strong your case. If your injuries prevent you from working, waiting is not an option you can afford.Nova Legal Funding can help with pre settlement funding. Our services allows you, the plaintiff, to receive a settlement cash-advance for your bicycle accident lawsuit.

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Bicycle Accident Injuries We Commonly Fund

Qualifying for a cash advance on your bicycle accident depends on a two factors: your injuries and the cause of the accident. In other words, your damages and the liabilitNova Legal Funding provides bike accident lawsuit loans to plaintiffs in needy. For example, if you were riding inside the bike lane and a drunk driver hit your back wheel, that would be a case that would likely get approved for pre-settlement funding. This is because liability is clearly defined and placed on the driver of the car, as he/she was driving under the influence.

Below are a list of common injuries that victims of bicycle accidents often suffer:

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How Pre Settlement Funding Helps Victims of Bicycle Accident

As with any personal injury incident, injuries sustained may keep you from going to work. Combined with a prolonged legal battle and mounting medical bills, not being able to earn a wage will soon lead to financial disaster. No matter how good your case, your bills will not wait for your settlement money to come in 6 months or 2 years from now. Pre settlement funding can help you bridge the gap from the time of your accident until your case is finalized.

Pre settlement funding should not be considered a loan. The more correct term is a ‘settlement cash-advance’. While the difference may seem insignificant, it actually makes all the difference. Since our service is not considered a loan, you’re not expected to pay back the money if you lose your case. You only pay back the cash if you win your case. This makes our funding services 100% risk-free. Best of all, you pay nothing until (and if) your case settles. There are no monthly payments, no application fees and zero hidden fees.

Other benefits to applying for pre settlement funding from NLF:

  • Hassle-free, 1 minute application
  • Didn’t win? Don’t pay us back!
  • Cash transfer within 24 hours
  • No bank accounts necessary
  • No employment verification
  • No credit checks
  • Cash transfer within 24 hours
  • Pay nothing until your case settles
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