When we were researching questions to answer for our clients and potential clients here on our website, we came across something interesting. People often search the phrase “pre settlement loans over $5,000”. This struck us as odd.

After a bit more digging we found that this is one of the automatically suggested searches in Google when you start typing “pre settlement loans…”. Check it out:

pre settlement loans over $5,000
Here’s a screenshot of the Google auto-suggestions for “pre settlement loans”.

If you are wondering whether lawsuit funding companies like ours provide loans of $5,000 or more, the answer is Yes. Now, does your case qualify you to receive over $5,000? That depends on the specifics of your case. Below we’ve explained exactly how we determine how much we can offer in funding against your potential lawsuit settlement.

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So, What’s the Deal with Loan Amounts?

First off, let’s get something straight: lawsuit loans aren’t your typical loans. You’re getting an advance on your future settlement. And the best part? If your case doesn’t win, you don’t owe a dime. This no-win-no-pay setup is a big factor in figuring out how much you can borrow.

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What Makes a “Strong” Case Anyway?

The strength of your case is a big deal here. Think of it like this: the clearer it is that the other guy is at fault, the better. And if the damages you’ve suffered are pretty significant (we’re talking injuries, emotional trauma, financial hits), that’s a point in your favor. Solid evidence like medical records, witness statements, and expert opinions also beef up your case.

Nova Legal Funding digs into all sorts of cases, especially personal injury and medical malpractice. But it’s not just about the type of case. They’re looking at how strong your case is overall.

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How Big of Lawsuit Loans Do You Offer?

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks: “How much money can I actually get from a lawsuit loan?” With Nova Legal Funding, it’s a pretty broad spectrum – we’re talking anywhere from a handy $500 to a massive $500,000. But what does that look like in real life? Let’s peek at some real-deal examples from our recent funding to give you a better idea.

From a Quick Fix to Major Relief

Check out the “We make it 🌧️ daily” section on our homepage. It’s not just for show – those are real amounts we’ve dished out to folks in the thick of their lawsuits.

  1. The Small Stuff: You might see something like a $1,000 loan. This could be for cases where the settlement isn’t expected to be sky-high, but you need a quick cash infusion to handle some immediate bills.
  2. The Middle Ground: Then there are those mid-range loans, think $15,000. These might be for more complex cases or where the settlement could be heftier. It’s the kind of money that helps with bigger bills, like ongoing medical costs or making up for lost paychecks.
  3. The Big Guns: On the high end, loans can hit $50,000 or soar up to $500,000. These are usually tied to serious cases, maybe with major injuries or a ton of lost income. These heftier loans are there to keep you afloat during those long legal battles where there’s a lot on the line.

What’s Behind the Loan Size?

So, how do we figure out if you’re a $500 or a $500,000 kind of case? It comes down to a couple of key things:

  • How Solid Your Case Is: The clearer it is that the other side is at fault and the bigger your damages, the higher the loan amount you might snag.
  • Your Settlement Expectations: Nova Legal Funding takes a gander at what your case might rake in at settlement or in court. Bigger potential payouts often mean bigger loans.
  • What You Really Need: It’s also about the dough you need to keep things rolling while your case is up in the air. It’s about covering your essentials, not funding a luxury spree.

Every case is its own beast. That’s why Nova Legal Funding doesn’t just throw numbers around. We tailor our settlement offers to fit the nitty-gritty of your situation.

Example of the Largest Pre-Settlement Funding Amounts We Provided Last Year

Here are the five largest settlement loans we wrote over the past year. While such large amounts are not especially common, these demonstrate our ability to fund large amounts when the facts of the case make it prudent.

  • David got $125,550.00 based on his California car accident claim.
  • Juan got $100,000.00 based on his California auto accident lawsuit.
  • Albert got $61,883.50 against his New York slip & fall case.
  • Viomante got $86,198 against their Georgia car accident case.
  • Meloni got $141,636.00 based on her Georgia auto accident lawsuit.

What Can I Do to Maximize the Amount I Qualify For?

Alright, so you want to max out your loan potential. Here’s the scoop: keep your case details transparent and organized. The more info you can provide, the better Nova Legal Funding can assess your situation. Working closely with your attorney is key. They need to be on board and ready to provide all the necessary details.

Also, patience is a virtue. These things take time, and rushing might not get you the best deal. Remember, the goal is to get enough funding to tide you over, not to settle your case prematurely.

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Wrapping It Up

In the end, the size of your lawsuit loan boils down to how solid your case is and the specifics of your situation. Nova Legal Funding is all about giving you a fair shake based on what you’re dealing with. So, if you’re in a bind and need some financial breathing room while your lawsuit plays out, reaching out to them could be a smart move.

Remember, every case is unique, and the amount you can get varies. But one thing’s for sure: with a strong case and the right approach, you can get the financial support you need to keep things steady until your settlement comes through.

Apply for a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance ⚡ Fast ( Apply in 2 min, find out if you qualify before today ends. )
  • No Credit Card
  • No Pushy Sales Person
  • Get Approved Fast
  • Repay $0 If you lose