If you are struggling to pay your bills after suffering injuries in an accident, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle to keep financially afloat during lengthy legal battles, especially if they require medical treatment for their injuries.

At Nova Legal Funding, we understand how difficult pursuing a claim is for personal injury victims. We offer pre-settlement lawsuit loans in Chicago and the rest of the nation to plaintiffs who need help recovering after an accident.

🤔 Is a Chicago Lawsuit Loan Right for You?

A pre-settlement lawsuit loan is a cash advance that lenders give to plaintiffs in exchange for a portion of their expected settlement. Like a traditional loan, the principal amount borrowed gains interest over time. However, there are a few advantages that cash advance loans in Chicago have over traditional loans.

Most importantly, pre-settlement lawsuit loans in Chicago are non-recourse. This means that if you get pre-settlement funding but you lose your case, you don’t have to pay back the loan or the interest.

Second, applying and qualifying for pre-settlement lawsuit loans in Chicago doesn’t require a credit check or employment verification. Reputable lenders only take into consideration the strength of your case when deciding whether or not you qualify for funding.

Finally, the underwriting process for cash advance loans in Chicago is quick. While traditional loans may take anywhere from several days to weeks to be deposited into your bank account, most pre-settlement lenders send you a cash advance within 24-48 hours of approval.

If you have a pending lawsuit and have retained a lawyer to represent your case, you may qualify for lawsuit funding. However, you should only take out a lawsuit loan if you cannot pay for basic living expenses, medical bills, or legal costs. For example, most of our clients at Nova Legal Funding take out lawsuit loans to pay for:

  • Rent or mortgage payments,
  • Utilities,
  • Groceries,
  • Attorney’s fees,
  • Medical bills, and
  • Car repairs.

If you struggle to pay with any of these things while waiting for your lawsuit to settle, a lawsuit loan might be your best option.

📍 Does it Matter if the Lawsuit Loan Company is Not Located in Chicago?

Not in the least. At Nova Legal Funding our office is actually located in Los Angeles. However, we fund cases across the US, and have helped hundreds of Chicago plaintiffs get pre-settlement cash to help cover their expenses while their lawsuit plays out.

Far more important than location is whether the lawsuit funding company you choose is reputable, and has your best interest at heart. At Nova Legal Funding we are proud to have hundreds of positive reviews from our clients.

🏅 How to Choose the Best Chicago Pre-Settlement Funding Company

Since lawsuit lending is a relatively new industry, there are loan sharks out there looking to take advantage of desperate plaintiffs. Picking the wrong lender could result in paying back more interest than necessary. The most reputable lawsuit lending companies in Chicago:

  • Give upfront information about the cost of their loans,
  • Provide direct funding instead of using brokers, and
  • Calculate a payoff schedule or table for you to view before signing a contract.

Lawsuit lending remains largely unregulated, so make sure you go with a company that is transparent about their fees and policies.

About Nova Legal Funding

Nova Legal Funding is one of the largest pre-settlement lawsuit loan lenders in Chicago as well as nationwide. Unlike most lenders in our industry, we offer transparency and honesty with all plaintiffs who apply for our lawsuit loans. We put payoff schedules on the first page of every contract, keep you updated on the status of your loan, and provide upfront information about our interest rates, which are some of the lowest in the industry.

Types of Chicago Lawsuits We Fund

From employment law to personal injury, Nova Legal Funding has you covered. We fund a wide variety of lawsuits, including but not limited to:

If you don’t see your case type listed above or on our “Cases We Fund” page, you might still qualify for a lawsuit loan, so give one of our specialists a call at 866-670-6131.

Apply for a Lawsuit Loan in Chicago Today

If life won’t wait for your settlement, apply for a cash advance through Nova Legal Funding today. Our lawsuit loans in Chicago are 100% risk-free and have interest rates as low as 1-3% monthly. In addition, you don’t have to pay us back unless you win your case.

To apply for a lawsuit loan in Chicago or to learn more about the cash advance loans available in Chicago, give us a call at 866-670-6131 or fill out our online application. We send cash advances to approved applicants within 24 hours.