Contact sports such as NFL and NHL are settling out major lawsuits for players who have permanent brain damage from their sport. It’s no surprise that professional wrestling is following suit. This form of entertainment purposely has its employees perform moves that directly affect the brain. In the past, many times performers were cracked in the skull with steel chairs, steps, or other weapons. As a result, many performers are coming forward with lawsuits against the self-proclaimed sports entertainment giant.

The risk of concussions in wrestling wasn’t widely talked about for much of the existence of the sport. The link between pro wrestling, concussions, and brain health gained mainstream traction because of a terrible tragedy. Longtime wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his family and then himself in 2007. Studies of his brain showed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition associated with repeated trauma to the head. It wasn’t long after this that prior employees started filing lawsuits against the company for failing to protect and warn its performers of the dangers of pro wrestling.

The WWE has gone on to eliminate some of the more dangerous moves and they’ve outlawed most shots to the head, but for dozens of performers, it was too late coming.

The symptoms a wrestler can encounter from repeated blows to the head include:

How Much Will I Get From My WWE Concussion Lawsuit?

The WWE is no stranger to lawsuits. From battling the World Wildlife Foundation to decades fighting allegations of steroid use, they’ve spent their fair share of time in court. They’re also notorious for fighting all cases against them. They are a multi-billion dollar corporation that can hire the best defense attorneys around. Recently a few of the wrongful death cases were thrown out by a judge, but those plaintiffs didn’t have testing done to prove CTE. Many other claims do have this.

One only has to look at other sports to see that settlements are happening though. The NFL settled its lawsuit for $1 billion, and a judge approved a $75 million settlement in the NCAA case. These are obviously different sports than wrestling, and you can’t exactly assume they will go for this. What is clear, however, is that the science is showing a direct link between repeated head trauma and very serious injuries. WWE performers who have a diagnosis of CTE or other brain trauma stand a good chance at receiving a settlement.

How Long Will It Take My WWE Concussion Lawsuit to Settle?

This is a tougher question. The WWE plans to fight these lawsuits tooth and nail, calling them “ridiculous”. They have the deep pockets to stretch these lawsuits out for years, all while many of their performers suffer from brain and memory problems. Some have even died due to the nature of the performance. If a judgment did come down, it would not surprise most people if the WWE appealed the decision. Even though a class-action suit was filed in Connecticut where the WWE is headquartered, this could mean years in the court system.

That puts many performers in a bind. Quite a few have retired due to the injuries they suffered and are not able to command the payday they once got as professional wrestlers. A pre-settlement loan could be the answer.

WWE Wrestlers Can Obtain Relief With a Pre-Settlement Loans

Pro wrestlers have a tough job, literally. It involves being punched, kicked, pile-driven, and hit in the head with foreign objects. The health issues, along with the difficulty of keeping a job afterward, can be difficult. Since performers of the WWE are independent contractors, they’re not given retirement packages including health care. A pre-settlement loan or cash advance can be the help that’s needed.

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