By now it is commonly known that playing football can lead to head trauma and concussions. The $1 billion settlement by the NFL to help thousands of their ex-players proves this. The professional leagues aren’t the only places where head trauma lurks. Pop Warner, the nation’s biggest youth football league, is also facing lawsuits against them for failing to protect its players.

The symptoms a young player can encounter from repeated tackles and hits to the head can range. Some of them include:

  • concussions
  • chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • depression
  • death

The legal train started when two lawsuits were filed against Pop Warner (as well as other affiliates and equipment makers). The first was brought on by Debra Pyka for the wrongful death of her son Joseph Chernach. Another was filed in the US District Court of California by Kimberly Archie and Jo Cornell for the death of their sons. Many more are being filed every month.


How Much is My Pop Warner Concussion Lawsuit Worth?

There is some precedent to go on with these cases. The NFL settled their lawsuits (although appeals are still happening) which resulted in an average Pop Warner lawsuit settlement funding payment of $200,000 per client. However, this is not the NFL, so it’s not fair to say the settlements will be the same.

Debra Pyka did settle her case against Pop Warner, and although the details were confidential, we know it was for less than the $2 million liability policy they keep on each player. While that’s not the best result, it does at least show that Pop Warner is serious about settling these suits. Whether they’re going to settle them all together like the NFL did or continue to resolve them on a one-by-one basis is not known. This would affect how much they settle for. What’s known is that these have the potential to be big-ticket cases.

How Long Will My Pop Warner Case Take to Settle?

Like above, much of this depends on if they move to settle all the cases at once as the NFL has done. The NFL did so but is now appealing the ruling, stretching out the lawsuit even further. The Pop Warner cases could follow this path.

However, Pop Warner has agreed to settle a case, and they may do so with others. Given that these lawsuits have gone on for a few years already, one can assume that this may be a long process. You don’t need to wait until a settlement comes in to get some money, though.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Injured Pop Warner Players

Given that these cases can take a while, many plaintiffs and their families need money now. It’s hard enough to watch a loved one, especially one so young, have these problems. Bill collectors don’t care about this hardship. Applying for a pre-settlement loan can get you a portion of your anticipated settlement now. Nova Legal Funding will get information from you and from your attorney to determine if you are eligible for a cash advance.

If you or a family member participated in Pop Warner youth football league and have experienced any of the above symptoms, you may be entitled to pre-settlement funding.

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