Many sports carry with them the risk of getting injured. Even golfers can be forced to stop because of an injury. Hockey is no exception. However, many players are alleging that the NHL willfully kept the dangers of the sport secret to glorify the violence and to profit from it.

There’s no denying the sport itself is dangerous. Players whiz around the ice and crash into each other at high speeds every game. Even with helmets, this is going to leave the door open for injury. Judging by the crowd’s reaction to a big check, they’ve been conditioned to cheer for this kind of violence. The bigger problem may be the fighting, which the NHL routinely let’s happen. NHL owners profit because fans have been taught to expect these kinds of fights during a game. Sometimes it’s why they come.

On the heels of the $1 billion settlement by the NFL, NHL players are filing suits, saying that the NHL deliberately concealed the dangers of the sport and the fighting involved. Many are experiencing very bad health issues. The symptoms a player can encounter from playing the game include:

The NHL imposed new concussion safety measures in 2016, but they came after the lawsuits had been out there for several years. For a number of players like Dale Purinton, it was too little, too late.

How Much is My NHL Concussion Lawsuit Worth, and When Will it Settle?

It’s not the best comparison, but you can look to the NFL to start getting some idea. The NFL settled their lawsuits which resulted in an average payment of nearly $200,000 per client. These payments can go up to $5 million. This is not the NFL, so it’s not exactly fair to say the settlements will be the same.

The NHL is aware of the problem, although they continue to deny it as a problem. Their move to implement new safety measures, though, does point to them being aware of the risks. That bodes well for a settlement down the line.

Again you could look to the NFL for some insight. The NFL did settle after the cases were in suit for a few years. Even with that, though, they are still in the appeals process over the $1 billion price tag. They are clearly trying to stretch this out.

Another important factor is the reputation of the NFL is going down, partially due to these lawsuits. The NHL could be worried about their reputation so that might speed them up a bit.

The lawsuits were consolidated into a Minnesota Court under judge Susan Richard Nelson back in 2013. Seeing how long the NFL cases are taking, though, means these might be going for some time as well.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Injured NHL Players

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