Just in the last year, Nova Legal Funding has helped more than 40 former NFL players obtain millions in funding against their pending settlement awards. One of the players we funded, Houston George, raved about our services in an article by the New York Times, which you can read here.

Why Players choose Nova Legal Funding over other companies:

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  • We don’t have ridiculous origination fees or any hidden fees

Players of the National Football League (NFL) are now eligible for concussion settlement funding against future payouts from the concussion lawsuit. Unfortunately, cases of such magnitude can take a while before payments are disbursed to the plaintiffs. This is especially true when the defendant just so happens to be the NFL, an organization responsible for America’s favorite past-time: football

NFL Lawsuit loans are designed to help NFL players in financial distress by providing a cash advance on a portion of their future settlement. Even though the settlement is sure to come at some point, some players can’t afford to wait years for their payout to come. Medical bills, living expenses, and other costs can pile up quickly and make it impossible for a player to wait. NFL concussion settlement funding could bridge the financial gap between now and the day your settlement payment from the NFL will come.

Nova Legal Funding is a dedicated NFL lawsuit settlement funding company that is here for all injured players and their families. Call (866) 494-0370 for a free consultation and to complete a brief application.

$1 Billion Concussion Settlement Confirms Dangers of Playing In the NFL

The recent controversy surrounding the hidden dangers and consequences of head trauma for NFL players is nothing new. For years, major news outlets have criticized NFL commissioner Robert Goodell for his poor handling of the situation. After all, an overwhelming amount of evidence has come out to show the dangers of concussions in the NFL. Many studies conducted on the subject all paint a very clear picture: playing in the NFL highly increases the chances of long-term brain injuries in one out of every three players. What’s more, the NFL was allegedly aware of the dangers and they did not inform the players.

It was only a matter of time before the hammer dropped on the NFL. When it finally did, the league agreed to pay $765 million to both current and ex-players. Upon criticism from Senior U.S. District Judge Anita Brody towards the $765 million settlement being too little to cover all the damages, it was raised to $1 billion. As part of the deal the NFL stipulated that “retired players, their legal representatives and family members do not have to prove that the players’ injuries were caused by playing NFL football to get money from the Settlement”.

It’s expected that the $1 billion will be split over 65 years by current and retired players who are found to be mentally impaired. The NFL expects that 5,500 of 20,000 retired players will suffer from a head-related disease like Alzheimer’s and/or moderate dementia. The average settlement for each player is expected to be around $190,000 per player.

How Much is My NFL Concussion Case Worth?

The settlement outlines the maximums each player can receive based on their injuries. A basic table can be found here. Basically, the lowest injury you must have diagnosed to qualify is level 1.5 neurocognitive impairment (early dementia). That would cap at $1.5 million. From there the awards go up. Moderate dementia would cap at $3 million, Alzheimer’s at $3.5 million, and so on up. A diagnosis of ALS by a qualifying physician could result in a $5 million settlement.

There are a few factors that could lower the expected recovery even if you have these injuries. These factors include:

  • the # of seasons played in the NFL or other professional leagues
  • the player’s age when the diagnosis was made
  • the players history (including any prior diagnoses)
  • participation in an neurocognitive exam

If you believe you qualify for a settlement but need money now, call us immediately.

How Lawsuit Settlement Funding Help Injured NFL Players

Waiting years for a settlement payout from the NFL settlement is not an option everyone can afford. Serious head injuries sustained while playing in the NFL can make it extremely difficult for a player to re-enter the workforce. Many players find it difficult to mend their wounds and attend therapy while not being able to earn wages. The bills can pile up a lot faster than the settlement cash into their bank account.

If you or a loved one has played in the NFL but you are not in a position to wait years for the award, consider applying for an NFL lawsuit loan. Also known as settlement funding or pre-settlement funding, this financial tool will allow any player to get a portion of his future settlement now instead of later.

Applying for NFL lawsuit settlement funding is easy. All you need to do is provide Nova Legal Funding with your attorney’s contact information—that’s it. You could qualify for anywhere between $20,000 to $1 million dollars in a matter of hours.

How Much in Settlement Loans Does Each NFL Player Qualify For?

To qualify for any amount of funding, you must be a current or ex NFL player and have sustained injuries due to your time in the league. Your injury must have been diagnosed by a qualified MAF physician. You would also have to NOT be a part of the 200 players that rejected the settlement from the league. As for the amount of funding one could get, it completely depends on your damages. The higher the damages, the higher your settlement.

Those that are diagnosed in their 30s and 40s with Lou Gehrig’s disease, chronic brain trauma, or Parkinson’s disease are set to receive anywhere from $1 million to $5 million from the NFL. Should your attorney conclude that you’re eligible for a higher payout than the average $190,000, the lawsuit loan you could qualify for would be much larger. For example, a player that is set to get $200,000 will be eligible for a smaller advance than a player that is slated to receive $3,000,000.

Nova Legal Funding can help you in your time of need now. No one knows how long it will take the NFL to pay out the settlements that are due. Instead of holding out while the bills keep coming, apply now or call us at (866) 494-0370.