Many people know of the NFL’s $1 billion settlement to resolve hundreds of cases concerning concussions and brain damage received from playing the game. Less people know that the same fight is happening against the NCAA. College football players are having many of the same health issues as the pro players. Unlike the NFL, the NCAA has a longer history of trying to recognize and adapt to the medical risks of playing the game. That being said, the NCAA didn’t hold its first concussion summit until 2010. By then, it was too late.

The symptoms a player can encounter from playing the game include:

In July of 2016 a judge approved a $75 million settlement to resolve many, but not all, of these cases. There were provisions in the agreement that stated that some claims will be a part of this settlement while others can still be filed for later consideration. Whether your case is part of the first batch or a future batch, you can still apply for a pre-settlement loan.

How much is your case worth, and when can you expect settlement?

We know some information about the settlement but not all. We know what the NCAA will pay out to settle the first batch of cases and that separate money is going to continue doing concussion research. We don’t know how many plaintiffs are in that batch. We also don’t know how much of that money will go to each plaintiff.

To determine how much each player will receive, many factors will be considered. They’ll look at:

  • how long the player played in the NCAA
  • the extent of the medical diagnosis (or diagnoses)
  • any pre-existing injuries that predated playing in the NCAA

Having a judge issue a settlement is a great start, but it is not the end. Despite the NFL having a judgment handed down, they are appealing in the courts and this could take months or years to resolve. It’s not hard to imagine a similar thing happening with the NCAA lawsuits.

What’s more, new cases are being filed in batches every month. As more and more players come forward showing medical issues, it will only cloud the settlement picture and possibly delay the clients receiving their money. What can be done in the meantime to help clients while they wait?

Getting Help With Pre-Settlement Funding from Nova Legal Funding

Dealing with the effects of playing a contact sport like football is tough. The health issues compounded with the difficulty maintaining a career afterwards can be difficult. Bills and expenses will continue to come whether or not an ex-NCAA player receives their settlement on time. A pre-settlement loan, sometimes called a cash advance, can be the answer.

Nova Legal Funding can help you get funding in as little as 24 hours. By working with your attorney to obtain and review the information of your case, we can determine how much you are entitled to get. There are no fees paid up front, and you don’t pay the loan back until the case settles. Our rates are among the best in the industry.

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