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Pre settlement funding & lawsuit loans for plaintiffs.

Nova Legal Funding (NLF) is a leading provider of pre-settlement funding to injured persons with a pending legal claim or lawsuit. Plaintiffs nationwide can benefit from settlement loans by obtaining funds before their cases settle, helping to pay for living expenses and other necessities while their case is still ongoing. The funding we provide is 100% risk-free because you repay nothing if you end up losing the case. You only need to repay if, and when, your case gets settled or is won in court. Applying involves 3 quick and easy steps:
Pre settlement funding from Nova Legal Funding gets your life back on track 

1) You apply online or by calling (800) 760-0704.

2) We work with your Law Firm to review your case.

3) We fund you directly within 48 hours of approval.

Also known as settlement loans, pre-settlement funding gets you the financing you need by allowing you to sell a portion of your future settlement. Once approved, the funds are sent directly to help you continue living your life. While it may be referred to as “pending lawsuit loans”, pre-settlement funding through NLF are not loans. It’s instead considered a non-recourse advance because you won’t have to repay the money if you lose the case. Most cases we fund include car accident loans and personal injury loans, but consider all case types on an individual basis.

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*Applying won’t affect your credit score. Your case is all that matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repayment amount depends on two simple factors:

  1. the strength & value of your case
  2. the duration of your lawsuit from the time of funding

The stronger and more valuable your case, the lower repayment you can expect. There are no monthly or upfront fees, and you repay nothing until the day your case is settled. We have monthly interest rates ranging from 1-2.99% until your case is settled. You can get a quote instantly after applying on our website.

No, pre settlement funding is not a loan. Unlike a payday and car title loan, repayment is not required or expected if you lose the case. In other words, you keep the money for free if your lawsuit falls through. Nova Legal Funding sometimes uses the term ‘loan’ to help consumers better familiarize with this new form of financing.
Funding ranges from $1,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the value of your case. The higher value your case, the more money you can take out. As a general rule of thumb, we can advance roughly 20% of your cases’s total potential value. We set this restriction to make sure you’re left with the most amount of money when, and if, your case is finalized. Besides expected case value, the dollar amount you qualify for will vary based on the following other factors:

  • Extent of your damages
  • Severity of your injuries
  • Prior lawsuit funding
  • Strength of your case
Your attorney will review and sign the same funding agreement you’re signing with us. We also abide by a code of ethics that requires to fund conservatively at the lowest rates possible. The payoff table is located on the first of our agreement, showing exact repayment amounts based on duration.
Your lawyer will repay us from a small portion of your future monetary award. Repayment is due only when (and if) the settlement is paid and deposited to your lawyer’s trust account. There are no monthly payments, upfront costs or late fees. 
We fund all types of lawsuits, from personal injury to medical malpractice, employment law and commercial litigation. If you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 760-0704 to discuss your options.
Nova Legal Funding is a nationwide provider of settlement loans. Funding is available to plaintiffs residing in 48 states. We do not fund in TN and CO. 
We transfer our clients funding in a variety of ways, including: money wire, direct deposit, Western Union, and next-day FedEx air.

Happy Clients

I couldn’t be happier with Jessica and Ron at Nova. They always picked up my call and were super helpful. My lawyer referred me to them and I’m glad she did.
Tamara J (CA), Funded $6,000 | Auto Accident
I got denied everywhere before I applied with you. Your company was the only one that took the time to learn about my case. Thank you for making my family’s Christmas easy!
Gustavo M (TX), Funded $4,750 | Product Liability
I found Nova Legal Funding online and spoke with Jessica, who got me the funds I needed really fast. Professional, straight-forward and always patient. Would recommend to anyone.
Steven M (FL), Funded $5,000 | Employment Law

Settlement loans: a reliable lifeline for anyone with a pending case

We understand the struggles of accident victims, both during and after a lengthy (and costly) legal process. That’s why we provide financial support to plaintiffs with pending cases. While taking on a case, obtaining lawsuit settlement loans shouldn’t be a hassle. This is why we pride ourselves on having such a fast and easy three-step settlement loan process. Once you complete our brief online application or speak with a live representative, we take care of everything else. We work together with your your law firm to underwrite your case and assign you a funding amount. Once the law firm provides us with the necessary documentation, our settlement loans specialists work hard to get you approved for funding. Should you accept our offer, the funds will be transferred to you in 48 hours or less—guaranteed!

Knowing if you qualify for a loan against your pending settlement is easy. You qualify if you’ve suffered any damages and have hired an attorney to litigate your case. Unlike car title or payday loans, your credit score and financial history bear no weight in the qualification process. The facts of the case is all that matter to us. Nova Legal Funding accepts plaintiffs with injuries ranging from soft tissue and whiplash, to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

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Cases We Fund

  • Any Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Defective Drugs
  • Bad Medical Devices
  • Employment Law

Lawsuit settlement funding: helping to level the playing field between regular people and big insurance

Our funding helps keep you in the game. We empower your financial situation, helping you pay the bills until your lawyer settles or wins a judgement on your case. It gives your lawyer the time he or she needs to win a larger monetary award for your pain and suffering. We understand that waiting for a lawsuit to settle is not an option everyone can afford, especially when bills are piling up and injuries make it difficult to work. Lawsuits serve as a mental, financial, and psychological hardship for the injured party. Plaintiffs often times lose their ability to go to work and support their families due to the injuries sustained in an accident.

Don’t settle early for less money. Buy yourself time to fight back—and WIN. 

Insurance companies take advantage of your vulnerable state by elongating the litigation process even further. As a result, many cash-strapped plaintiffs are gamed into accepting low-ball compensation in exchange for a quick and early settlement. Don’t be a victim of the insurance industry’s coercive tactics. Get a pre-settlement loan and gain the financial confidence to last the entirety of your lawsuit, and win the maximum compensation you deserve.

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