Now more than ever it seems that discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace are more rampant than ever. For many – women, African Americans, people with disabilities, workers of certain religions, members of the LGBT community – this is even more true. America has laws in place to protect workers from this treatment. These include:

However, that does not stop these acts from happening in the workplace. Lawsuits are being filed daily against employers. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) estimates that between 1997 and 2015, more than 80,000 charges are made per year. Two-thirds of these stem from discrimination based on race or gender. That is just those who file a suit with the EEOC. Many don’t out of fear. The ramifications of bringing up discrimination or harassment are many:

  • increased acts of discrimination
  • refusal to be considered for promotions
  • unwarranted negative performance reviews
  • mental pain and even PTSD
  • loss of job
  • counter lawsuits filed against the plaintiff

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How To Qualify For Pre-Settlement Loans With Nova Legal Funding

Pre-settlement advances or litigation loans are easy to get. We consider the details of your claim and where the lawsuit will be filed. You also must have an attorney representing you. If your case is eligible, we will work with your attorney to gather information about your case. Bear in mind that employment laws vary by state and even by county.

If you have been harassed or exposed to discrimination at work, contact an attorney immediately. Once your suit is underway give us a call.

What is My Workplace Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Case Worth?

No two wrongful termination cases are alike. There are many factors that determine the value of one of these work-related suits.

  • the length of time of the discrimination
  • the length of time working at the company
  • the amount of tangible evidence – notes, letters, emails, witnesses, video, etc
  • lost wages, past and future
  • the size of the employer’s insurance policy

There are famous cases involving sexual harassment and discrimination. James Crowley took on Chicago State University over discrimination based on race. He won over $2 million. In 1998 a Pao-Alto legal secretary was awarded $3.5 million for her sexual harassment case. Ani Chopourian amazingly got a judgment of $168 million in 2012.

Will all discrimination cases end like this? No, but if your case has many of these similar details, the settlement numbers can get quite large. If you are unsure if your case qualifies, please call.

How Long Will My Workplace Harrasment Case Take to Settle?

Many of these suits are settled out of court by the employer to prevent bad press about the company. The reality, though, is that business owners have big enough pockets to stretch out lawsuits. This can be a problem, especially for clients who were terminated.

Sometimes a defendant will settle a case early out of court. They do this to keep, so they can move on with their jobs. More often they go to the court where they feel they can avoid paying the plaintiff.

Many discrimination and harassment cases can take years to settle because of the money the defendant has. Obtaining a pre-settlement loan can be helpful during that time.

Why Choose Nova Legal Funding For Your Loan Needs

Nova Legal Funding knows how difficult it is to be in your position. We will work hard to get you money before your suit settles. All of your case details and personal info will b kept private. Our pre-settlement loans feature no monthly payments and no up-front fees. We guarantee industry-low rates. If we are able to fund you, you don’t pay back the money until your case settles!

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