Whistleblower cases are also known as qui tam cases. A whistleblower is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or incorrect. The companies that they expose can be anything from medical companies to financial companies to even the government. Private and public companies can both be involved.

The problems happen with the backlash from exposing a company. Whistleblowers often lose their jobs, face social stigma, or even face criminal charges. Some even encounter death threats.

There are many laws in place that protect whistleblowers like the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 and the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989. Sometimes this is not enough. Legal loopholes easily cloud the protection. This leaves plaintiffs vulnerable to retaliation.

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Whistleblower Information and Statistics

The United States Department of Labor has a very large whistleblower protection program. Their site helps clarify various federal and state measures taken to help protect whistleblowers. Some of the more significant acts of legislation that provide protection for whistleblowers are:

  • Affordable Care Act
  • FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
  • OSH Act of 1970
  • Seaman’s Protection Act

Other legal statutes protect whistleblowers in other fields too: environmental laws, tax-funded programs, and regulation of industries. These industries include transportation and power.

Whistleblowers are almost as old as an advanced society, but they became more common in the years surrounding the Vietnam War. Many times, whistleblowers fail to report illegal activity for fear of retaliation. However, when the crimes become too heinous, someone needs to speak up.

Quite a number of the most famous qui tam cases have to do with governmental whistleblowing. Frank Serpico was the first police officer to report widespread corruption and bribery in the NYPD in the early 70s. W. Mark Felt (Deep Throat) released information that implicated President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal. William Sanjour blew the whistle at the EPA which resulted in new laws. The landmark decision established first amendment rights for federal employee whistleblowers. Not all qui tam cases involve the government. Some involve power plants. Others involve fuel companies or banks. Some even involve the Olympics committee. In recent years, many high-profile whistleblower cases center around the pharmaceutical industry and its shady marketing practices.

The results of these brave whistleblowers vary. Some lose their job and are not heard from again. Others file lawsuits and recover large settlements. Some cases change the laws about whistleblowers. In some cases, like Edward Snowden, the plaintiffs are accused of treason. The risks are obviously high. Whistleblowers should be applauded instead of vilified. Most often the concept of coming forward to report something wrong is promoted as a lack of loyalty.

There were almost 2800 whistleblower complaints registered with OSHA in 2012. More than 50% of the whistleblower complaints that were investigated by OSHA were dismissed. Cases can be dismissed when the whistleblower acts out of personal differences and not the employer breaking the law. If the evidence is strong, however, the cases can be huge.

How Much is My Whistleblower Case Worth?

Qui tam cases really vary in terms of value. In some cases, the whistleblower is simply allowed to resume their job with no retaliation to follow. For many plaintiffs, this is what they are looking for: justice. Some qui tam cases result in huge fines for the company. Sometimes a portion of that would go to the whistleblower. This is what happened in the Ted Siska cases against Ward Diesel Filter Systems, Inc. He received almost $100k of the $628k settlement.

A number of qui tam cases involving pharmaceutical companies resulted in massive fines for the manufacturers. AstraZeneca had to pay $520 million to the federal government. One case against the Food and Drug Administration actually resulted in a change of warning labels on Avandia drug packages.

Still, other cases result in massive settlements for the whistleblower. Cheryl Eckard sued GlaxoSmithKline over being fired after exposing contamination problems with one of their plants. She received $96,000,000. Whistleblowers like Bradley Birkenfield have received bigger verdicts after being jailed for two and a half years.

How much anyone qui tam case varies because of the details of these cases. Ones that have more evidence of wrongdoing tend to do better. The level of retaliation also plays a role in how much a client can receive.

How Long Will it Take to Settle My Whistleblower Case?

Many times the defendant in these cases is a large corporation. It could be a bank, a pharma giant, even a government department. These companies are worth millions, sometimes billions. They have the money to stretch lawsuits out.

Unlike a car accident where you can look at a police report to see who was at fault, these cases are more intricate. They could involve getting documentation from many different sources. Reviewing these cases takes time. Then there’s the issue of the courts being bogged down, sometimes by other whistleblower cases. They can take longer than other cases to present all the evidence to a judge and jury.

In short, these are most often long affairs. The rest of your life doesn’t stop while you wait. Bill collectors certainly don’t. As if losing your job and facing discrimination isn’t enough, you have to move forward with your life. A pre-settlement loan could be the answer.

How To Qualify For Whistleblower Pre-Settlement Loans With Nova Legal Funding

Although it may seem to be a difficult process, qualifying for a loan is very easy with Nova Legal Funding. To begin we take into consideration the actions of your employer. We look at the jurisdiction where your case is being tried. You must have an active case and a lawyer who represents you.

Some of the most common whistleblower lawsuits involve:

  • Corporate fraud in publicly traded companies
  • Fraud by employers with government contracts
  • Filing a claim concerning discrimination or harassment
  • A claim involving denial of accommodation or leave
  • Union organizing or collective activity
  • Filing a wage and hour claim
  • Political activity including election-related work on candidate’s behalf

If you are unsure if your case qualifies, give us a call. After a brief chat, we can help you determine the eligibility of your case.

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