There are many ways an employer and employee can have friction. These include harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. One of the most frustrating, though, is unpaid wages. Imagine having an agreement with an attorney who does not honor that agreement. Instead of receiving what’s owed, you get less or nothing at all.

The US has laws to prevent this sort of thing from happening. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 is a perfect example. Some employers still underpay their clients or even pay them nothing for their hard work. Taking them to court to get it back can be a long and scary process.

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Unpaid Wage Claims – Facts & History in the United States

There’s been a rocky history in our country when it comes to getting paid for work. It was in 1938 when the most famous employment law was passed, the Fair Labor Standards Act. It achieved many things. It laid out a minimum wage (which gets updated every so often as inflation occurs). It also has provisions for working overtime, including how many hours that is and how much the employer must pay. There is a section about child labor and another about proper record keeping. It advocated for the worker like nothing before.

Many companies and bigger corporations try to find ways around this. Some hire very expensive and successful attorneys to try to get away with paying less than is owed. Some refuse to use written contracts and use verbal agreements or “handshake” agreements. This prevents a paper trail to hold them accountable. Some sculpt a worker’s hours in such a way as to prevent adequate payment. Others still simply break the laws.

Many workers don’t report these claims for fear of retaliation. Everything from being fired to being demoted to lowering their salary frightens clients. However, there are many others that fight for what’s theirs.

What is My Unpaid Wage Claim Worth, and How Long Before it Settles?

Every employer and situation is different. One plaintiff may be trying to collect double-overtime wages, another might just be trying to get paid for an extra project they agreed to. Not only that, state laws about wages vary quite a bit. The rules from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development in NJ are very different from that of Kansas. These are all taken into account when putting value on a case. Giants like Bank of America have had to pay a massive settlement ($73 million in 2013) but that was distributed to many clients. Smaller cases for fewer sleights might be for $20k or $50k. It depends on the details of the cases.

As with the value, there’s no one right answer. Some unpaid wage claims are between one employee and his/her employer. Others, like the BoA case, involve thousands or tens of thousands of claimants. This will vary the length tremendously. Also, because the wage laws in each state are different, it makes it difficult to pin down how much yours might take.

Some companies try to settle these quickly so as not to put a bad word out about the company. Others fight in court. Getting a pre-settlement loan from Nova Legal Funding might help you while you wait.

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