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If you are one of the growing number of women who have a Power Morcellator lawsuit, Nova Legal Funding now offers pre-settlement loan on these cases. Power morcellators are devices used in hysterectomies and other gynecological surgeries. They remove non-cancerous growths, usually fibroids, from the uterus. A number of companies make morcellator products: Blue Endo, Cook, Inc., KSA America, LiNA Medical, and Lumens LTD., for example. The biggest company to make these devices is Johnson & Johnson.

Unfortunately there have been a growing number of legal actions taken against the manufacturers of power morcellators. After having the surgery, more and more women are coming forward who have seen a rise in cancer growth because of the procedure. In 2014 the FDA issued a warning that the medical device can spread cancer cells in the abdominal cavities of women.

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Pre-Settlement Funding on Your Power Morcellator Lawsuit: Does Your Case Qualify?

Companies that make morcellators have a duty to insure people are aware of the risks of their product. It is recommended that laparoscopic power morcellators not be used in the following cases:

  • In women with suspected cancer
  • In pregnant women
  • Women who are candidates for procedures where tissues are removed intact

If this has happened to you, your case could qualify. You must have used Power Morcellator and have suffered from any of the listed side effects. Also, you must have an attorney handling your case. If these factors line up, you could qualify for funding.

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Spreading Cancer, and other Dangerous Side-Effects Caused by Power Morecellators

The major risk from PM surgery is that they have been shown to spread cancer cells. According to the FDA, doctors perform roughly 600,000 hysterectomies a year. The use of these devices does not cause cancer cells to appear. The biggest problem, though, is that it’s possible women may have uterine cancer that they don’t know about already. It’s estimated 1 in 350 women have undiagnosed uterine cancer. The blades in the power morcellators that are used to cut up large pieces of tissue can spread these existing cancer cells all around the abdomen.

There are a few types of cancer that can be spread because of these devices. They include:

Some of the common side effects from PM surgeries are:

  • Bleeding or infection
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Bruising
  • Oozing at cut site
  • Organ damage
  • Pain at cut site
  • Muscle soreness
  • Abscess
  • Abdominal swelling

If you are unsure if your power morcellator case would qualify, give us a call. We have a very simple questionnaire that will help us determine if your case can get funding.

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Lawsuit Against the Manugacturers: Recent Settlements and Verdict News (2016 update)

The FDA approved the first Power Morcellator device in 1991. They would approve a dozen similar devices in the following years. By 1995, however, the FDA already was showing concern over the risk of spreading cancer cells. In 2006, Dr. Robert Lampartar sent a letter to Johnson & Johson warning of the dangers of spreading cancerous tissues. The bad news continued. In 2009, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a statement saying that laproscopic hysterectomies were not as safe. They recommended doing only vaginal hysterectomies. They reaffirmed their stance two years later.

The following year another study came out showing that the risk of spreading cancer was almost 10x greater when using a morcellator. It is safe to say that long before the FDA got involved again, the dangers were known.

In 2014 the FDA sent out a press release warning of the use of power morcellators. It wasn’t until three months later that Johnson & Johnson finally pulled their power morcellators off the market. By then it was too late.

Many women have since filed suit, enough to create its very own MDL. The Power Morcellator cases are in MDL #2652 in the District of Kansas under Judge Kathryn H. Vratil.

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It’s still a bit difficult to say how much a court will value these cases at. Johnson & Johnson is voluntarily settling out many of their claims, as are some of the other makers of PMs. Many times these settlements are kept confidential. Some experts believe that the settlements will likely fall in the $100,000 to $1,000,000 range.

The amount of the settlement will be decided by the factors of the case. Most important will be how series the damages were from the use of the morcellator.

As stated above, Johnson & Johnson (and other companies) are already settling these cases out. However, a multi-district litigation was formed to truly go after these defendants. This could take longer depending on how willing the defendants are to settle. As long as they continue settling the files on a one-off basis, it’s possible your case can settle within a year. As more and more suits are put into the MDL, though, the pharma giants may stop settling and try to tackle the cases as a whole. This could delay settlement by quite a bit.

Your bills don’t stop while you wait for your settlement money, though. Nova Legal Funding can help. After a brief chat about your case, we will do all the work to get you a loan. You can use the money you get from Nova Legal Funding to pay your home bills, your rent, or even help pay your medical bills.

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