Settlement Loans for Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit

Infuse Bone Graft settlement loans are available for plaintiffs who were injured by the product and are now pursuing a claim against Medtronic. Also known as lawsuit funding, settlement loans provide plaintiffs the ability to receive a portion of their future settlement payout now instead of later. Plaintiffs who fall on hard financial times during litigation can seek help by contacting a lawsuit funding company that is willing to accept Infuse Bone Graft cases.

Defective medical product lawsuits can drag out extensively, making plaintiffs wait years until they receive the payout award they deserve. The duration of litigation is even more elongated when dealing with a multi-million dollar company like Medtronic. As if the long wait is not enough, injuries sustained by the Infuse Bone Graft multiply the severity of a plaintiff’s situation during such time. Earning wages is difficult or at times impossible, placing further pressure on an individual’s financial situation. The unfortunate combination of elongated litigation and a loss of wages is often a dangerous one and can result in devastating consequences for plaintiffs. Thankfully, Infuse Bone Graft settlement loans can level the playing field and provide injured victims with immediate monetary support.

Background on Medtronic’s Bone Graft Medical Device Claims

The Infuse Bone Graft is manufactured and sold by Medtronic, a medical device company in the United States. It was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 under the specific product name “Infuse Bone Graft/LT-CAGE Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device – P000058”. The goal of the product was to help fuse vertebrae in a patient’s lower spine in order to treat degenerative disc disease. The Infuse Bone Graft has been used in thousands of spinal fusion surgeries used to treat severe back pain. Instead of using human bone particles to infuse broken parts of the spine, the infuse bone graft does it synthetically and supposedly with “less risk of infection”.

Unlike other devices with similar functions, the Infuse Bone Graft utilized a genetically-engineered (synthetic) protein called recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) which promotes bone growth. In addition to spinal procedures, the product was later approved for tibia repairs and dental procedures by the FDA in 2004 and 2007, respectively. While first hailed as a game-changer in the medical community, red signs started to appear shortly after the medical device was introduced to the market. This was especially apparent when the product was falsely and illegally promoted for off-label uses in certain spinal surgeries. The irresponsible and unethical promotion led to the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigating Medtronic’s claims and settling for a larger monetary sum.

The FDA has received hundreds of complaints through the years from patients and doctors alike. Many of these complaints were due to off-label use, though many were also referring to on-label. Ever since the Department of Justice got involved, the loose around Medtronic’s neck has been tightening. In 2008 a report by the FDA warned surgeons that the safety and effectiveness of Infuse were in question and not yet verified for procedures on the cervical spine. The report came after several dozen patients complained about experiencing swelling in the throat which constricted air passage therefore breathing. It was later also concluded that the nerves in the neck were also damaged due to Medtronic’s Infuse bone graft medical device.

The U.S. Senate was also spurred by the flooding of complaints from medical patient lawsuits. In late 2012 the Senate Finance Committee declared that it had just finished a year-long investigation of Medtronic. They found that Medtronic executives paid the researchers of the Infuse Bone Graft hundreds of millions of dollars in “consulting fees”. An obvious conflict of interest, this did not bode well for the company. It was rightly accused of false advertising and illegal under-the-table dealings with supposed “independent” research firms that were meant to be unbiased in order to protect patients.

Qualifying for Bone Graft Lawsuit Funding

Qualifying for Bone Graft lawsuit funding is an easy and straight-forward process. There are two main components that all applicants must have in order to qualify. One must sustain injuries due to the device and hire a personal injury class action attorney to represent them in a lawsuit against Medtronic. Unlike other avenues of financing, pre-settlement loans only require the details of your case/claim for approval. If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms due to spinal infuse surgery, you automatically qualify for Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit funding.

  • Drastic inflammatory reaction in the spinal/neck area.
  • Airway constriction (most commonly leading to breathing problems) .
  • Conflict of spinal nerve systems, leading to back and/or neck pains.
  • Extra and unplanned surgery to remove excess bone due to overgrowth.
  • Wrongful death of a loved one due to Infuse Bone Graft Spinal surgery.

In addition to being injured, one must also file a claim with the assistance of a class-action medical malpractice lawyer. Each law firm handles its cases individually to fit its client’s needs. These are the following types of claims against Medtronic that would be acceptable in an application for pre-settlement funding.

  • Defective product
  • Medical malpractice
  • Medical negligence
  • Fraud by Medtronic for misrepresenting their product
  • Negligence for design of product and manufacturing

Applying for Infuse Bone Graft Pre Settlement Loans

In order to get the best deal on your lawsuit cash advance, finding the right lawsuit funding company is essential. Nova Legal Funding (NLF) is a national funding organization with reach to plaintiffs in all 50 states. Plaintiffs who were injured due to Medtronic’s gross negligence can contact NLF at 800-760-0704 for immediate settlement loans on their future compensation award. There are zero up-front fees and you pay nothing until, and if, your case is finally settled. If your attorney loses the case, you repay nothing. You only pay the money back to NLF if you win the case against Medtronic.

All you need to do is make the call or apply online—the rest is handled by NLF. Once your attorney provides NLF with the right documentation, a cash sum of up to $100,000 can be transferred to your bank account in a matter of hours. With zero up-front fees and a non-recourse repayment agreement, the risk to you, the plaintiff, is 100% risk-free.