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Essure birth control is a non-daily pill alternative to birth control. It was very popular because it provided women with a different surgery-free permanent form of birth control. Doctors place two metal coils in the uterus forming a barrier of scar tissue. They say that it has a 99.83% effective rate against stopping pregnancy. More than 750,000 women have used Essure to prevent pregnancy. However, thousands of women claim that the device caused life-changing injuries.

Some of the injuries they are facing are perforated organs, the device moving around in the body, autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain. Many have had to have additional surgery to fix the device. Some women have even died because of complications.

How to Get a Pre-Settlement Loan on Your Essure Case

Bayer and Conceptus (who merged in 2013) together form a powerhouse. The legal defense teams assigned to these companies are impeccable. It is Essure Lawsuit Settlement Loans possible that they will deny all allegations and fight their lawsuits till the very end. Having an open lawsuit with large medical companies can be very strenuous on your financial state. Pre-settlement loans are an easy and fast way to get money in advance against your lawsuit settlement. Nova Legal Funding can help.

After a brief chat about your case, we will work with your lawyer to get you a loan. To qualify for a loan is very easy. We take into account the extent of the injuries you have suffered and the district in which your case is being tried. You must have used Essure Birth Control Products and have suffered from the listed side effects in order to qualify. You also will need to have an attorney working on your case.

Side effects were not addressed by Bayer when marketing Essure. After a study of 1000 women who used Essure for one year, the following side effects came to light:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Arm and leg pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Heavier periods
  • Severe cramps
  • Back pain
  • Migraines
  • Vaginal discharge and infection
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss

Within a couple of years of release, there were almost 200,000 complaints by women. Further testing has revealed the full scope of the risks of having this procedure done. These include:

  • Auto immune diseases
  • Migration of the device in the body
  • Expulsive of the device altogether
  • Perforated organs
  • Chronic pain

Essure Lawsuits in 2016: Recent Settlements, Verdict Awards, Average Settlement Value, and Status of Litigation

Essure was originally devised by a company called Conceptus. It was approved by the FDA in 2002. Issues began arising over the next decade. In that time the FDA received more than 5000 reports from women with severe complications. Then, in 2013, Conceptus was bought out by pharmaceutical giant Bayer. The company acted in bad faith not releasing information about how many women used Essure. This made it difficult to gauge the risk-to-benefit ratio.

Women began filing suits against the company because of their injuries. It picked up enough steam that famous consumer advocate Erin Brockovich has become an advocate for the victims.

In early 2016 the FDA finally made an official statement requiring a boxed warning label to be given to this and all similar products. This is a very serious requirement. As part of discussions with the FDA, Bayer is required to:

  • change the label of Essure products
  • notify doctors to counsel patients on risks
  • require more training for doctors

Additionally, they’ve ordered a study to truly get to the bottom of the risks involved with the procedure. The results of this study could take years, though. What’s worse is that the product is still on the market.

Many of the lawsuits filed have been consolidated in Pennsylvania courts. Some are also happening in California. The lawsuits against Bayer claim that Bayer:

  • designed a faulty product
  • was negligent
  • failed to warn the public
  • committed fraud
  • improperly trained doctors in the use of the procedure
  • willfully concealed the dangers of Essure


How Much Money Can I Get Out of My Essure Case?

There is a wide range of side effects that can happen in an Essure case. Some are worse than others. The cases are also being heard in different venues, although there may be a move to consolidate them all. This could mean that the amounts that you could get can vary. There are factors that determine how much you could be entitled to, such as:

  • how long the implant was in before you experienced issues
  • what the effects were of your procedure
  • what treatment you’ve done since then
  • how much your medical bills were for any other procedures
  • any lost income
  • pain & suffering

The greater these are, the more you could be entitled to if these cases reach a settlement.

How Long Will It Take for Me To Get Paid For My Essure Case?

As of the end of 2016, there was no definite movement towards settlement. Bayer is a multi-billion dollar company, and they have the means to stretch a case out. This doesn’t mean that they won’t settle, but it could mean it could take a while. Also, the study that the FDA commissioned might need to be complete before the cases move on.

On the other hand, there is mainstream attention being paid to this case. Erin Brockovich’s name being tied to it helps raise awareness. This may encourage Bayer to try to wrap these up. If that isn’t the case, a few Bellwether cases might be tried first before Bayer agrees to settle.

In any event, your bills don’t stop while you have to wait. That’s where Nova Legal Funding comes in.

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