DePuy Hip Lawsuit Loans: Do you qualify for funding?

If you’ve been injured due to a DePuy ASR hip implant, you automatically qualify for DePuy lawsuit loans. It’s a financial tool that helps bridge the gap in time from now until your settlement recovery. Instead of waiting months or years, you can apply for lawsuit funding and receive a portion of your future settlement today.

Who needs DePuy lawsuit funding?

Not everyone can wait for their case to settle, especially victims of the DePuy hip recall. The severity of injuries caused by ASR hip replacements is such that many claimants are unable to work. With no earning potential, victims are finding it impossible to wait for their settlement award to arrive.

To make matters worse, the deep pockets of DePuy, and its parent company Johnson & Johnson is resulting in prolonged litigation and reduced payouts. It’s no wonder so many plaintiffs are turning to lawsuit loans for DePuy hip replacements. With such prolonged timetables, many are finding it impossible to survive without financial assistance. This is why DePuy lawsuit funding is so crucial, as it helps restore financial stability while the plaintiff waits for the case to settle.

About DePuy ASR Hip replacement recalls

Over the past several years, hundreds of law firms stepped forward to condemn DePuy, a Johnson & Johnson medical device company, for their defective ASR Hip Replacement Systems. The product was originally meant to help patients with hip problems, more specifically with hip movement and range of motion. The product turned out to do just the opposite. Complaints of the device started pouring in just two years after the initial implant surgery of the devices.

According to studies done by the National Joint Registry of England and Wales, nearly 13 percent of patients were suggested by their doctors to undergo a second hip replacement surgery to fix the problem. The study also found that nearly 45 percent of patients implanted with the ASR surfacing device or total ASR hip replacement surgery were prone to injury just five years after placement. You can’t argue with the data when it’s this strong. From the $4 billion dollars in settlement money that Johnson & Johnson had to put aside, it’s safe to say they too cannot argue with the data.

Lawsuit loans for DePuy Hip cases involving revision surgery

Confronted with all the evidence against it medical device company DePuy had to start settling cases, or it knew big trouble was ahead. Perhaps the biggest warning sign they confronted was when the first lawsuit brought against them was won by the plaintiff, who was awarded a jury verdict of over $8 million dollars. Admitting fault and settling claims was Johnson & Johnson’s only choice.  In an effort to cut their losses short and avoid further litigation DePuy agreed to settle each case involving revision surgery for an estimated $200 to $250 thousand dollars apiece. It is estimated that Johnson & Johnson will dish out nearly $4 billion dollars—the largest payout for a medical device lawsuit in United States history.

So, how do could you know if your case is part of this settlement? The answer is simple: if you had the revision surgery, you will get the settlement payout. The same goes for when you are looking to apply for DePuy lawsuit loans. Because lawsuit funding companies are aware that those cases with revision surgery are more likely to settle, they are more likely to approve you for pre-settlement funding.